It’s that time of year! If you need wedding planners in Nashville or Birmingham, you won’t be disappointed with the wildly talented and oh-so-fun ladies of Vision in White Events. This fantastic team is established in our former home of Nashville, and currently expanding in Alabama.

      We’re currently offering several exceptional offers to our brides and grooms in Birmingham and the Music City who select Alex Bovee’s fabulous company. Like us, she adores customized wedding service and hates cookie-cutter anything. Scroll down to see more of her beautiful events and get to know why we love her.

      Photos courtesy of Vision in White Events.

      When did you know you wanted to be an event planner? 

      It started when I was in college. I had an event planning class that I really liked, but I never really did anything with it. When I was working for Disney I really leaned more toward wanting to do weddings because of the wedding pavilion and dream weddings they have. After almost 10 years in business, we find that a lot of couples and their parents don’t really know much about what a planner does.

      What’s the biggest misconception about working with a planner? 

      Ohhh, good question! I’d say the biggest misconception is just that people don’t think they need one. We have years of experience and knowledge that allows us to handle any curveball that’s thrown at us. Another misconception is that planners take control and change the brides vision. NOT TRUE! We love the new ideas that each bride brings and love making suggestions but we really want it to be EXACTLY what the bride and groom want.

      What do planners and their teams bring to the table to elevate a wedding day, as well as the overall planning experience for clients? Any favorite examples to share? 

      We are often told that the planners who work for us all so laid back and easy to work with, that we don’t bring extra stress and make the day easy for everyone (bride and groom, vendors, family, wedding party). The planning process is so much easier because we really know what things cost and what vendors do a good job. On the other hand, we also know what vendors DON’T do a good job and can steer you away from them. We love the camaraderie that planning the big day brings with the couple and are usually dragged onto the dance floor by one of them at some point that night!

      Photos courtesy of Vision in White Events.

      What should brides and grooms look for when choosing a planner? It seems like the level of service and expertise varies and that not all planners are created equally.

      Look for someone who will customize a package based on your actual needs instead of something cookie cutter. We have base packages but are happy to add and remove things as needed. As tempting as it sounds, don’t hire the cousin of your maid of honors co-worker because she thinks she’d be good at it and is cheap. You’ll feel so much more calm and have a much better day if you hire someone who has actually been trained and doing it for years. Would you want a med student doing your brain surgery alone for the first time or the surgeon who has done a lot of successful craniotomies? No brainer!

      How do you find inspiration for your work?

      The bride! We love hearing their ideas and being able to run with it and create something new and amazing,

      What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? 

      “Vanderpump Rules, lol!”

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