Kelli & Daniel Taylor Photography swoons over great bridal portraits and Thi’s Vietnamese-American wedding bridal photos at Birmingham Botanical Gardens quickly became one of our all-time favorites.

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      bridal portraits at birmingham botanical gardens

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      peach ao daipeach ao dai

      Vietnamese-Ameican wedding bridal photos

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      Bham Botanical Gardens Wedding Bridal -188Mandy Busby Florals

      We were delighted that she wanted to incorporate a traditional ao dai Vietnamese wedding dress and hat, as well as a fairytale-worthy American dress, into the session.

      The ridiculously talented Mandy Busby created the stunning bouquet and boy, was it a beauty.

      Our friend Melissa Moore Bogardus gave Thi a dreamy hair and make-up look. You can see why Melissa often books up six months in advance.

      We used a mix of medium-format film and digital photography to capture every moment of this session. There’s a growing movement in wedding imagery called hybrid photography, referring to those of us who use the best of both worlds. That way, we cangive clients a range of positively stunning wedding photographs.

      Clients sometimes ask us the purpose of a bridal session, especially when we take some bridal photos on the wedding day. It’s a wonderful chance to do some creative, fashion-inspired photographs without the butterflies and time constraints of your wedding day. It’s also a great trial run for hair, makeup, your dress and shoes.

      You can see ahead of time if you want a little more lip color, a little less eye drama. You have a real-time experience with the way your hair will hold up. You’ll see your  look ahead of time and be able make any necessary adjustments so your wedding day is perfect.

      A bridal session is also a great chance to connect and bond with your photographers. The more comfortable you are, the more that confidence will show in your wedding photographs.

      And lastly, moms still love bridal portraits! They make sweet gifts for Mother’s Day, mom’s birthday, Christmas or just to say thank you for all that mothers do to help plan the weddings.

      We appreciate you, Thi, for allowing us to be part of such a special time in your life. You were an exquisite bride.

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